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Bear Roots Team Member Spotlight: Jocelynn Miller

Jocelynn is one of our amazing massage therapists! She graduated with a degree in Occupational Studies from Intellitec Medical Institute in Colorado 2015. Jocelynn loves being able to give each person a little peace and tranquility through massage. She thrives on the problem solving portion of massage therapy, as she works to find the right treatment protocol for each client. She loves being able to help clients on an individual level in a stress free environment. One service she specializes in here at Bear Roots is Neuromuscular Therapy. If you'd like to learn more about Neuromuscular Therapy please see our blog post here!

In Jocelynn's free time, you might find her swimming in the lakes, juggling, and/or reading. She lives with her husband, John, and their two doggie children: Oliver and Hayzel.

Click here to book a massage with Jocelynn.

What our clients have to say about Jocelynn:

"I goofed up my shoulder a couple weeks ago and went to see Jocelynn today to get some of the knots worked out. She found all the worst ones immediately and worked on them until they loosened up. Very gifted therapist!" - Keirsten G.

"Always a pleasure seeing Jocelynn. She is such a professional and down to earth therapist. Such a relaxing experience!" - Amanda F.

"Jocelyn was amazing! I will definitely be back! Thank you!!" - Carrie J.

"First time getting a massage and I am hooked. The whole environment is so welcoming and calm. Jocelynn was fantastic. She was very attentive to pressure preference. Can't wait to go back." - Katelyn W.

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